Petridisc is a small studio in West Columbia, SC. We strive to make good recordings. We've recorded a number of albums, mainly for the family indie rock band Lunch Money.

Jay Barry

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Petridisc Recording Studio • West Columbia, SC

Below is a list of the current gear at Petridisc. As far as the process of recording, we have a living room for drums, plus rooms for "isolation". It sounds like a house. It goes into a computer and I try to get good sounds in and hope that it all comes out great.

  • Computer/Interface

    • 2.7GHzMacbook Pro
    • Digital Performer 8
    • Apogee Ensemble
    • Lucid AD 9624


    • Late 70’s HiWatt 100
    • 1971 Marshall Super Lead
    • 1968 Twin Reverb w/ JBL’s
    • Sivertone Twin-twelve
    • Silvertone 1482
    • Gibson G8T (Gibsonette Tremolo)
    • 60’s Ampeg Reverborocket
    • Ampeg B25 Head
    • Orange Tiny Terror
    • Epiphone 1x12 Cabinet
    • Ampeg 4x10 Bass Cabinet
    • Ampeg 1x12 Bass Combo
  • Instruments

    • 1974 Fender Telecaster Deluxe
    • ESP 400 Series Strat
    • 60’s Hofner 178
    • Ibanez Talman
    • Epiphone Acoustic
    • Baby Taylor
    • G&L Bass
    • Fender Rhodes 73
    • Moog MemoryMoog
    • Yamaha Studio Piano
    • Sonor 3003 Drum Kit & Gretsch Catalina Club + Snares
    • Various Percussion
    • Washburn Banjo
    • Accordion
    • Various Pedals & Effects
  • PreAmp/Signal Processing

    • Sytek MPX-4A
    • Presonus Eureka
    • Studio Projects VTB1
    • ART Pro VLA
    • DBX 166 Compressor


    • Avantone CV-12
    • Audio-Technica AT4047
    • Audio-Technica AT3035
    • Audio-Technica AT3525
    • Shure SM57 (2)
    • Cascade Fathead
    • MXL V69ME
    • Oktava MC102 (2)
    • OKtava MK219
    • Oktava MK319
    • E/V ND757
    • E/V ND868
    • Sennheiser e835
    • Various cheapo & random mics

Petridisc Recording Studio • West Columbia, SC

Spicy Kid - From Lunch Money's latest album 'Spicy Kid'

Trailer for 'Planethopping'. Lunch Money is currently working with Belle et Béte puppeteers on an awesome sci-fi puppet musical.

Sasquatch goes to Converge. This was made for the ConvergeSE conference in Columbia. Molly wrote the song specifically for this video.

Petridisc Recording Studio • West Columbia, SC